Fan Expo 2011 Aftermath!

Well, the poor blog has been lying silent for a bit too long now but I’m finally back to update. It’s been such a busy few months that it’s been hard to find even a small moment to really sit down and update. As summer fades into fall though, things begin to slow down a bit. Before the heat fades and the leaves change color, it’s certainly time to reflect on Fan Expo 2011 and the fun that Omake Designs had there! Continue reading


Fan Expo 2011 Designs

Alright, I figured I better get back in here with some actual content. I’m telling ya, having two kids around on summer vacation is killing the amount of free time that I have!

For anyone who may not know, Fan Expo is a huge convention held in Toronto every year. Covering everything from comics to anime, horror and sci-fi, and even gaming, Fan Expo is always something I try to make it out to. Even if it does cost me every single penny I’ve saved up that year.

Omake Designs was created specifically with this event in mind. We crafted all our early designs based on the guests that would be there this year. There hasn’t been too much time to plan so we’ve decided to stick to guests in the horror category. Hopefully next year we can expand to cover guests from all the different communities.

So, before I start going on and on, here are our designs for Fan Expo 2011!

First up is Malcolm McDowell from A Clockwork Orange.

Next up is Lance Henriksen. We went with the obvious choice, his role as Bishop.

Now we come to the lovely Elvira.

Robert Englund will be there this year and we all know what who we love to see him as!

Finally, Doug Bradley will be appearing this year. Always loved him as Pinhead.

That’s what we have in store for Fan Expo so far. There are still a few designs waiting to be colored around here so I’ll keep updating the blog.

Up and running

Well here we are. It’s a slow process but we’re getting there. Over the next few weeks we’ll be putting up our designs, sharing the links where you can purchase our work, and just generally sharing our updates.

There’s plenty going on and Omake Designs will be making its first appearance at Fan Expo 2011 in Toronto, Canada. This is an amazing convention bringing together the many communities of fans including horror, sci-fi, anime, comics, and gaming. If you’ve never been, it’s time to start booking your vacation. Fan Expo 2011 begins Aug. 25th and runs until Aug. 28th.

Since this is the first post going up on the blog, we’ll start with Omake Designs official mascot. He doesn’t have a name yet so we’ve been calling him the Hamster Powered Robot. This is just one of the many designs we have right now and we’re also working on a line specifically for Fan Expo 2011 and the many guests that will be there so keep coming back to see what we’ve got in store for you.